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Czech Republic

  • Torch Singer
    This is a retrospective of a trip organized by Czech Tourism and CSA - Czech Airlines for travel writers and product buyers from a number of areas the world - Canada, the US, Russia, France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Mexico and Latin America, to name just a few. The late March weather was perfect - sunny and warm - which the locals kept telling us was a miracle because it should have been rainy and cold. From all reports, a good time was had by all.

Swiss Trip

  • A Fowl Greeting
    In mid-June 2007, travel journalists from around the world congregated in Switzerland for celebrations commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard Railway and the opening of the new 34.6 km long Lotschberg Tunnel running from Frutigen (Bernese Oberland) to Raron (Valais). Despite their reputation for seen-it-all cynicism, many of the journalist marvelled at the ingenuity of the Swiss transportation system. It was a tiring week of walking tours, climbing Alpen trails and early wake-up calls to board a train, boat or bus to the next destination but there was also time for socializing and making new contacts with writers from such countries as Russia, Poland, Japan, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Spain, the US, and Canada. - Photo of the Matterhorn by Tom Douglas

Bonne Fete Quebec/ Happy Birthday Quebec

  • Would You Like A Drink Before Lunch?
    Four hundred years of history are the focal point of the 2008 celebration of the founding of Quebec City by French explorer Samuel de Champlain and a small band of brave and hardy individuals. The phrase 'joie de vivre' nicely sums up the French attitude to enjoying the good things of life and this is reflected in every cobblestone, building block and garland of flowers that welcome visitors to this Old World community from cities around the globe.

Travel Story Showcase

  • The_travel_link024
    Every travel writer has his/her favourite articles that have appeared in various publications over the years. To showcase some of my favourites, I have gone back to my years as a weekly newspaper editor to use the experience of page layout in the old "cut-and-paste" days before personal computers to create a mock-up of what I have called "The Travel Link". Browse at your leisure!

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October 20, 2014


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